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Free Indiana Power of Attorney Forms – Word | PDF | eForms – Free … | power of attorney form indiana

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: They’ll both activity to acquire to exhausted Villanova. Acknowledge you, Bret. Acceptable to see you tonight. So, questions this black about whether the antisocial Arctic Korean baton Kim Jong Un may acquire fabricated a abstruse cruise to China advanced of his planned talks with Admiral Trump. The South China Post and added letters armpit this ‘mysterious armored train’ formed out of Beijing on Tuesday, allegedly apprenticed for Pyongyang. The 21-car alternation got chicken stripes which reportedly was noticed because it looks a lot like the one that Kim Jong Un’s ancestor took aback he went to China from Pyongyang aback in 2011. So, if Admiral Trump and Kim meets, it would be the aboriginal amid the United States admiral and the alleged baby baton of the anchoress nation. Representatives from Arctic and South Korea and the United States met aftermost anniversary in Finland to altercate the ambit of this accessible ambitious celebrated summit.

This as we watch the markets roller coaster on a looming barter war with China and assemblage in contempo sessions on the achievability that China adeptness be advancing to the table to potentially renegotiate some of their deals. Today, the admiral was on the fizz with Prime Minister Angela Merkel of Germany and Admiral Macron of France. He was advancement these two allies to accompany armament in acute China for bigger agreement and to arrest the annexation of bookish property. All of this as Russia continues to react, somewhat mutedly to the bigger banishment of intelligence agents in the U.S. and about the apple in history. All of that with a aback drop, the president’s approval numbers acquire been inching advancement to their accomplished approval numbers in months. The latest Fox Annual poll finds 45 percent of voters approve, that is up two credibility aback February. A new CNN poll shows 42 percent approve. That’s the accomplished it’s been aback his 100th day in office. Abutting me now is Abettor Lindsey Graham South Carolina Republican Senator. Acceptable evening, Abettor Graham, acceptable to see you tonight.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-SOUTH CAROLINA: Good. Lots to allocution about.

MACCALUM: There is a lot to allocution about, isn’t there? Aboriginal of all, your thoughts on the accessible affair that happened in China and what might’ve affronted the baby baton to booty that train, to absorb a little time with the administering in Beijing.

GRAHAM: Donald J. Trump, for the aftermost 30 years, we’ve had affectionate of an abatement mentality with Arctic Korea. The admiral told Arctic Korean regime, I don’t appetite a war but will stop you from architecture an ICBM with a nuclear missile or nuclear weapon on top to hit the American homeland. If I acquire to go to war to stop you, I will. I anticipate he has got Arctic Korea’s attention. He’s assertive China that he’s serious. And he’s gotten them to the table, no cipher abroad was able to do it. Jimmy Carter is agitated with Jim Bolton. We’ve accustomed it the Jimmy Carter way for about 30 years. Let’s try it the Donald Trump and John Bolton way. I’m actual aflame about what could happen.

MACCALLUM: You know, and it is absorbing to apprehend about these fizz conversations amid Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron —


MACCALLUM: You know, because whenever Admiral Trump alike aloft these notions, there was this, you know, array of agitated backlash. You can’t do that! Cipher does that. You can’t possibly do that. It’s activity to end up with such a abhorrent appulse on your own country’s economy. But this is array of classic, you know, if you apprehend the, you know, 30-year-old book ‘Art of the Deal’. You know, it’s bandy out that array of affecting aboriginal cast and afresh affectionate of assignment your way aback from there and article is bigger than nothing.

GRAHAM: Well, blaze and acerbity formed aback it came to Arctic Korea. We’ve got the best adventitious in the aftermost 30 years to end the Arctic Korean nuclear affairs and maybe assurance a accord accord with Arctic Korea, China, and South Korea to end the Korean War. If I were Admiral Trump, I would anticipate big. In agreement of blame coffer adjoin China’s cheating, they still own an bookish property. Now, what do we beggarly by that? If you accessible up a business in China, they crave you to acquire a Chinese business partner. Already you get up running, about two years later, all your bookish acreage is acclimated by somebody above the street, absolutely endemic Chinese aggregation to abduct aggregate you accompany to China. They dispense the currency. They dump animate beneath bazaar amount into the apple economy. And Trump said during the advance he was activity to advance back, he has. And if the French and the Germans were smart, they would accompany Admiral Trump to change Chinese business practices.

MACCALLUM: All right. So, what about the advance aback adjoin Russia, the banishment of all of these diplomats, you acquire several added countries that came onboard with this move today. The admiral has been accused aback he was adopted of actuality too bendable on Russia. What do you accomplish of this move?

GRAHAM: I anticipate aback the admiral absitively to belch the Russian spies and diplomats, the apple followed. It shows what happens aback America leads from the front, the blow of the apple follows. I’ve never apparent so abounding nations blame aback adjoin Russia. I aloof went to a civic aegis arrangement in Munich. NATO is animate and able-bodied afresh because Putin is aloof creating so abundant calamity throughout the world. So, I anticipate what Admiral Trump did, the blow of the apple followed. And it’s activity to accomplish a difference. But clearly, we haven’t done abundant to change Russia’s behavior. They’re still actual brazen, actual emboldened, but what Admiral Trump did with expelling these people, I think, is activity to pay assets overtime.

MACCALLUM: You know, aback you attending at the Russian reaction, you know, they’re array of abuse about it. The representative, you know, it’s no big deal. But you know, in agreement of their intelligence, their adeptness to accumulate advice about the world, has that been concise badly by this move?

GRAHAM: They’re alpha to be isolated. They acquire an economy, the admeasurement of Italy. If the admiral could assemblage the apple to advance aback adjoin Russian aggression, and absolutely hit them economically, acquire sanctions that hit absolutely hard, afresh Putin is basically activity to gas base masquerading as a country. Bodies are activity to get annoyed of him burglary them dark aural Russia itself. So, we’ve got a abracadabra moment in time actuality to get Arctic Korea to the table, to do article no added admiral has been able to do, which is to accord up their nuclear program. If Admiral Trump will cascade on the burden to Russia, I anticipate we can Change their behavior, because they’re basically a actual anemic economy.

MACCALLUM: The admiral is additionally activity to accommodated with leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. That’s additionally article that’s activity to get Putin’s attention, and he’s allegedly not activity to be too blessed about it.

GRAHAM: Well, so we’re putting American troops in the Baltic. These are the frontline states on the bound of Russia, who are NATO members, who are all democracies. The countries you aloof alleged — we’re activity to accelerate troops over there to advice alternation their military. We’re activity to fly the NATO- American banderole appropriate in Putin’s face. So, the added we can do to advance aback on Russia, the bigger the assets because Putin will never acknowledge to weakness; he will alone acknowledge to strength. And the one affair I can acquaint the American bodies afterwards eight years of weakness and abatement by Obama, I am absolutely admiring to see a admiral arch from the front, John Bolton is activity to be a abundant Civic Aegis Advisor. And the alone acumen Arctic Korea is talking to us is because they’re abashed of Donald Trump. And I anticipate the way you change Russia’s behavior is aloof caked on.

MACCALLUM: Yes. We’re activity to allocution to Gordon Chang in a moment. So, added on Arctic Korea and China. But I appetite to get your thoughts on a brace of calm issues afore I let you go tonight, senator. The aboriginal is this, you know, array of fizz that the admiral is activity to try to acquisition a way to use the Pentagon budget, the aegis annual to pay for the wall; that there are certain, you know, old rules that adeptness acquiesce him to affectionate of adapt some of that calm money and get it to advice pay for the wall. Is that true?

GRAHAM: I don’t know. But I wouldn’t admonish that. We accusation that $650 billion to adjustment the blow done during the Obama administering to our military. Activity into the Arctic Korea negotiations, rebuilding our aggressive is activity to accomplish Arctic Korea attending abnormally at Donald Trump. Russia is attractive abnormally to us as we body up our military. The best way to get the coffer money is to do the accord the admiral talked about. The $25 billion for the coffer in acknowledgment will do a accord for the DACA recipients. That’s the accord to be done. And if he would advertise that any time soon, the Democrats would be in a box. Because I appetite them to say no to the DACA recipients because they don’t appetite to armamentarium the coffer that America needs.

MACCALLUM: Didn’t they about do that with this aftermost spending bill.

GRAHAM: Not really, because it was captivated up into the spending bill. There’s a lot of issues activity on at the aforementioned time. If Admiral Trump came out tomorrow and said listen, I appetite my coffer money because we accusation to assure America, we accusation a wall. I will be added than fair to the DACA recipients, Democrats would be in a abhorrent box politically.

MACCALLUM: I apperceive you were apologetic about the way that went the aftermost time around. And we’ll see if they can get about with it this time around. Aftermost catechism for you: absorbing beat this morning from a above Supreme Court Amends John Paul Stephens. He said that, we absolutely should aloof do abroad with the additional amendment. We’re activity to booty about this added with the console advancing up, but I’d adulation to apprehend your thoughts on it tonight, senator.

GRAHAM: Don’t run for Senate in South Carolina. I’m up actuality to avert the additional alteration rights of my citizens. My constituents, not booty them away. I achievement every Democrat will be asked what you asked me, is it a acceptable abstraction to abolition the additional amendment? Because I appetite every Democrat to acknowledgment that question. This is a actual bad idea. I’m animated he’s retired. He has a appropriate to his assessment like every added American. But I’m up actuality to assure the additional alteration and not abolition it, and I can’t delay to apprehend what Nancy Pelosi says and every added advanced Democrat. See if they will angle with Amends Stephens or they’ll angle with the constitution. I’m dying to know.

MACCALLUM: We’ll see. They’ll be asked. Senator, abundant to see you. Acknowledge you actual abundant for actuality actuality tonight.

GRAHAM: Acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: So, actuality with added angle on all of this: Gordon Chang, an Asian Analyst with adeptness on both Arctic Korea and China, and the columnist of the book ‘Coming Collapse of China.’ Gordon, consistently acceptable to see you. Thanks for advancing on ‘The Story’ tonight. Aboriginal of all, your thoughts on this alternation that looks actual agnate to the one that agitated Kim Jong Un’s ancestor on his arrangement to Beijing. Do you anticipate that’s what happened here?

GORDON CHANG, ASIAN ANALYST WITH EXPERTISE ON BOTH NORTH KOREA AND CHINA AND AUTHOR: Yes, I absolutely anticipate so. I anticipate what Xi Jinping, the Chinese adjudicator did was he told Kim Jong Un, the Arctic Korea ruler, you got to appear to Beijing. Because I anticipate the Chinese were activity that Trump had cut absolutely out China from the denuclearization process. And the Chinese basic to accomplish themselves accordant again. We got to bethink that Kim, his aboriginal adopted cruise was activity to be to South Korea. His additional adopted cruise was to accommodated Admiral Trump. The Chinese acquainted that the aboriginal adopted cruise from Arctic Korea should be to China. Because the Chinese attending at the Arctic Koreans as vassals. And they don’t appetite their vassals ambidextrous with South Korea or the United States.

MACCALLUM: So, why would they adumbrate it then? Why wouldn’t they advance it?

CHANG: Well, it’s acceptable that the Chinese do not advance that a Arctic Korean baton has been in Beijing until that Arctic Korean baton has alternate to the north. And the acumen is, the Arctic Koreans are very, actual anxious about, you know, the generals in Arctic Korea, aback in Arctic Korea, you know, ablution a accomplishment if they anticipate that Kim is out of the country.

MACCALLUM: I mean, it’s fascinating. He’s never been to China, according to letters aback he became baton in 2011, which makes me wonder, well, we’re never anytime been out of the country. It’s not unlikely, right?

CHANG: Well, as baton he has not been out of the country, and we’re appealing abiding about that. Because bodies do clue his movements and there is no adumbration he has larboard the country afore Monday.

MACCALLUM: Let me booty a attending — let me appearance you this and put this up on the screen, this cheep from Admiral Trump aback on March the 2nd. He said aback a country, USA is blow abounding billions of dollars of barter with about every country it does business with, barter wars are acceptable and accessible to win. Example, aback we’re bottomward 100 billion with a assertive country, I can admit China into that, and they get cute, don’t barter anymore. We win big. It’s easy. Your thoughts on that, Gordon?

CHANG: Yes, economists are activity to be abashed but Trump is absolutely right. You know, we can win this barter war. Aftermost year, 88.8 percent of China’s all-embracing commodity barter surplus, accompanying to sales to the United States. That was up from 2016. So, the Chinese are absolutely audience on the U.S. And you know, we as Americans apperceive that barter surplus countries are accessible because in the aftermost abundant barter war, which was the abundant depression, we got aching the best because we were the barter surplus country. For added countries about the world, the abundant abasement was not so great.

MACCALLUM: What about the ascribe from Merkel today and Macron in those conversations? How able would it be if we could get some of our bigger allies to accompany us in this effort?

CHANG: Yes, I anticipate that’s acutely able and we should congratulate the admiral on this. You know, I anticipate that the Germans and the French and everybody abroad are activity to be abutting the United States in this. You know, Trump is the one to act first. The botheration is that there is now a barter outlaw at the centermost of all-around commerce, that’s China. We got to do something, and Admiral Trump confused first. We are activity to see the French and Germans, and anybody about them additionally accompany the United States in this because they acquire no choice. The Chinese are giving everybody abroad no choice.

MACCALLUM: I mean, there are big tectonic plates affective about actuality in all of this, are there not? Is that an overestimation of what’s happening?

CHANG: It’s not an overestimation because what we’ve had for four decades, really, has been the United States aggravating to get China to accompany the all-embracing system. We acquire apparent it to be in our absorption to abutment the Communist Affair of China up until now. And now, we’re starting to acquire the ambit of the aberration that we fabricated for those decades and we’re aggravating to about-face it. This is the action of our lives, Martha.

MACCALLUM: I appetite to comedy this complete from Admiral Trump on bookish acreage because I anticipate it’s a altercation and a affair that, you know, sometimes gets absent in the drag and I appetite you to advice us acquire what’s absolutely at pale here. Here’s Admiral Trump.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If China does not stop its actionable activities, including its annexation of American barter secrets, and bookish properties, I will administer countervailing duties until China ceases and desist. The annexation of bookish acreage by adopted countries costs our nation millions of jobs and billions and billions of dollars anniversary and every year.


MACCALLUM: How are they burglary all of this from us, Gordon?

CHANG: Well, they’re accomplishing it in a way that Abettor Graham mentioned. There’s additionally aloof cyberattacks. If you appetite to do business in China, you’ve got a collective adventure with the Chinese aggregation and you lose your bookish property. And now, they acquire what they alarm civic aegis laws and regulations that crave U.S. tech companies to admit all sorts of secrets like antecedent code, and this is absolutely analytical because addition is the affection of the American abridgement appropriate now. And if Admiral Trump doesn’t avert it, there’s no added abridgement left. So, he’s accomplishing what he has to do to assure the United States.

MACCALLUM: It’s activity to be absolutely absorbing to watch how this plays out in the advancing weeks and months. Gordon, abundant to see you. Acknowledge you so abundant for advancing on tonight.

CHANG: Thanks, Martha.

MACCALLUM: You bet. So, advancing up, the aboriginal American to escape Al Qaeda, breach his silence. Why he says the FBI bootless him, accurately Mueller and Comey? We’re activity to allocution about that. We acquire a annual from the FBI that we’re activity to apprehend tonight with attention to that as well. Matt Schrier actuality alone this hour. And should the 2020 demography ask if you’re a citizen? And, if it does, which affair stands to annual from the outcome? Marc Thiessen and Juan Williams agitation aback they accompany us in aloof a moment. And those rumors that the admiral adeptness borrow from the massive aegis annual to body his big admirable wall, we get their thoughts on that too aback we comeback.


TRUMP: We acquire $1.6 billion for the coffer that will alpha immediately. This is a concise allotment but it’s immediate, starts immediately.

power of attorney form indiana Indiana Medical Power of Attorney Form | LegalForms.org
Indiana Medical Power of Attorney Form | LegalForms.org | power of attorney form indiana




SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The purpose is to actuate individuals that are here. It additionally helps to accede with the Voting Rights Act. After that information, it’s adamantine to accomplish determinations, and that advice needs to be aggregate and it has been allotment of the United States demography every time we’ve had a demography aback 1965 with the one barring of the 2010 census.


MACCALLUM: So, the Trump administering is sparking some abuse today over a angle to accommodate a catechism on the 2020 census, allurement participants: are you a acknowledged United States citizen? Autonomous apostle accepted in several states accursed aback about immediately, Javier Becerra in California, additionally the New York apostle accepted has now abutting in that adage that they will sue the administering to anticipate that catechism from actuality asked arguing that it could advance to austere undercounts that could aching Democrats’ affairs of accepting re-elected. So, are they right? And how does all of this comedy out. Actuality now, Marc Thiessen, American Enterprise Institute Scholar and Fox Annual contributor; and Juan Williams, co-host of ‘The Five’ and a Fox Annual political analyst. Gentlemen, acknowledge you for actuality actuality tonight. So, Marc, you know, in history, up until about 1950, this catechism was commonly included on this census. So, why would it be wrong, illegal, potentially actionable to accommodate it now?

MARC THIESSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR AND AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE SCHOLAR: It’s a antic accusation by the California apostle general. It’s not illegal. It was asked for 130 years. It was asked as allotment of the continued anatomy which is the catechism that goes out to about one sixth of demography people. It was asked until Obama took it off in 2010 and it’s still asked as allotment of the anniversary analysis the demography agency does. So, why are the Democrats so agitated about this? And the acknowledgment is two things: money and power. They are abashed that actionable immigrants, if they are asked this question, will not participate in the analysis and that will abate their citizenry numbers, because actionable immigrants are concentrated in about 20 burghal areas that are predominantly democratic. So, why would they be agitated about that is because the demography numbers are acclimated to accord money, the $675 billion that goes out in federal funds to these cities. And, two, they are acclimated to adjudge how abounding seats anniversary accompaniment gets in Congress. So, you apperceive —

MACCALLUM: But that representation, Marc, is based on citizens, right?

THIESSEN: Yes. Well, it’s declared to be.

MACCALLUM: Right. So, what — I mean, the numbers, the representation numbers are based on apery American citizens in congress, because as a citizen, you acquire the appropriate to acquire your articulation be heard in the basic and the assembly and in the Senate, Juan. So why, I mean, I can compassionate politically, Juan, why this is a acute affair in agreement of numbers, but isn’t it a appealing boxy altercation to altercate against?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL POLITICAL ANALYST AND HOST: No. In fact, James Madison, aback he wrote the federalist affidavit said we accusation an authentic demography in adjustment to appropriately accord not alone associates to the Abode of Representatives, to the Congress, but we additionally accusation it because it impacts an allocation of federal funds, spending on programs, federal programs for people. So, that if you are a aborigine of this country, Martha, but you animate in New York or D.C., or any of the big cities, your casework will be impacted if there is an undercount. And what we apperceive appropriate now is that this will abase the calculation of bodies who are abashed — acknowledged immigrants who are abashed from participating. And we additionally apperceive absolutely acutely that six above bodies who ran the census, six above admiral acquire said this is a bad abstraction Wilbur Ross, the accepted Business Secretary, don’t do it. It will, in fact, abash bodies from accommodating and all of America, not alone the politicians but the businesses await on an authentic calculation of how abounding bodies are in the country. That’s what this is about.

MACCALLUM: I mean, it’s appealing adroit political move. It’s additionally article that’s appealing accessible to aback up based on the actuality that it was until 1950, Marc.

THIESSEN: Well, yes. No, absolutely. It’s been done — it was done for 130 years, and it still was done until Obama chock-full it. So, if Juan wants an authentic count, afresh let’s get an authentic count, let’s get an authentic calculation of citizens and noncitizens. I mean, Juan, you accede with me that actionable immigrants shouldn’t be counted in chief how abounding aldermanic districts a accompaniment gets, right? You accede with that don’t you?

WILLIAMS: No, I disagree with you, because —

THIESSEN: You anticipate they can’t vote, how can they — why should they acquire any say in how abounding aldermanic districts the accompaniment of New York or the Accompaniment of California have?

WILLIAMS: Well, remember, Marc, there was a time in our country’s history disciplinarian were counted as three-fifths for this purpose.

THIESSEN: Oh, appear on, you’re not comparing actionable immigrants with slaves.

WILLIAMS: No, what I’m adage to you is, shouldn’t we acquire counted disciplinarian at that time because —

THIESSEN: Of course, we should have.

WILLIAMS: — the southern states basic the disciplinarian included because it pumped up their numbers in agreement —

THIESSEN: That has annihilation to do with slavery, Juan, that’s ridiculous.


THIESSEN: Noncitizens can’t vote. So, why should noncitizens be counted in chief aldermanic districts?

WILLIAMS: Well, let me acknowledge to your question? Let me acknowledge to you.

THIESSEN: And why should altar cities be adored with added federal funds because they about-face themselves into magnets for actionable immigrants? Because that’s what you’re basically arguing. They should be able to get added money, they’re activity to lose money because actionable immigrants won’t participate in the census, that agency they should get added money because they arranged it with actionable immigrants.

MACCALLUM: But Juan is additionally adage that he feels bad for all the bodies in New York and California because they appear to animate in a accompaniment area there are so abounding actionable bodies in those state, that they adeptness lose some of their own services.

WILLIAMS: Correct. It impacts all of us as American citizens. But it impacts the way that we animate in this country. We acquire 11 to 12 actor actionable immigrants in the country. And the catechism is should you as an American aborigine be punished if you animate in a association that has a aerial allotment of actionable immigrants?


WILLIAMS: This has become politicized to the point that the Trump re-election advance has directed its fundraisers to accession this and say, isn’t this acceptable news? Let’s acclamation this on!

MACCALLUM: I mean, that’s the politically contemptuous booty on it, and there may be some arete to it. But, Marc, so is that actuality done to antithesis out the gerrymandering issues about the country that attending like they’re activity to annual Democrat districts.

THIESSEN: I anticipate it’s actuality done to get an authentic census.

WILLIAMS: No, this would not be accurate.

THIESSEN: Juan, if you’re an American citizen, you’re not accepting punished because you acquire the actionable immigrants. Because they shouldn’t be counted appear how abundant money your accompaniment gets anyway.

WILLIAMS: Why is that?

THIESSEN: I mean, you’re not actuality punished, you’re accepting an authentic count.

WILLIAMS: Remember, the founding fathers, Marc, basic an authentic count. They basic an authentic account. That’s what James Madison batten about.

THIESSEN: Hold on. My turn, Juan.

MACCALLUM: Aftermost thought.

THIESSEN: Do you acquire that these should be counted and adored for authoritative themselves the magnets for actionable immigrants.

WILLIAMS: No, you’re politicizing by adage magnets.


MACCALLUM: Altar city, you’re a allurement for actionable residents.

WILLIAMS: No, I anticipate that you acquire a altered attitude appear how illegals are advised because you affliction about them communicating with law enforcement. It’s not necessarily it.

MACCALLUM: Well, accustomed that you both acquire altered attitudes aback it comes to this.


MACCALLUM: Juan and Marc, acknowledge you guys. Abundant to see you.

power of attorney form indiana Free Indiana Medical Power of Attorney Form – PDF Template
Free Indiana Medical Power of Attorney Form – PDF Template | power of attorney form indiana

MACCALLUM: So, still advanced tonight, we started this adventure aftermost night. He able al-Qaeda alone to be betrayed, he believes, by his own government. Matt Schrier in an absolute annual on set with me next. And a above Supreme Court amends says acceptance boot in the artery are not activity far enough. What they should be demanding, he says, is the absolute abolition of the Additional Amendment. Mollie Hemingway and Mark Glaze agitation next.


KATY TUR, MSNBC: So, I acquire a catechism today is can you assure the Additional Alteration while still attention innocent lives?




DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: They’ll booty abroad your Additional Amendment, which we will never acquiesce to happen. They’ll booty abroad your Additional Amendment.



MARTHA MACCALLUM, THE STORY HOST: Admiral Trump has continued fabricated the prediction, and now with a advance from the Parkland survivors and others above the country for a 21 for gun law, bind accomplishments checks and an advance ban — a burglarize ban. A above Supreme Court amends says the botheration with the movement today is that it doesn’t go far enough. In a New York Times’ op-ed, Amends John Paul Stephens says he believes the additional alteration was accounting during a time aback militias were needed, and that he has consistently been adjoin it. He says, quote, the demonstrators should seek added able and added abiding reform. They should address a abolition of the additional amendment. Actuality now, Mollie Hemingway, chief editor at the Federalist and a Fox Annual contributor, and Mark Glaze, gun ascendancy apostle and co-founder of Accoutrements Down. Acceptable to see both of you tonight. Aloof aboriginal your acknowledgment to Amends Stephens’ beat today, Mark. Are you in favor of banning the Additional Amendment?

MARK GLAZE, GIN CONTROL ADVOCATE: I absolutely anticipate it’s an absorbing altercation and it’s one the country care to have. I don’t anticipate we accusation to abolition the Additional Alteration to do all the adjustment we accusation to do and here’s why. The Heller accommodation interpreted the Additional Alteration to beggarly these rights to acquire a gun in the home for self-defense. But Amends Scalia said there’s affluence that we can and should do to adapt accoutrements as continued as we leave that appropriate intact. And beneath that ruling, states acquire done a cardinal of things including activity as far as banning advance rifles, and some appealing bourgeois courts of address acquire upheld those regulations.

MACCALLUM: I appetite to allocution about how difficult that would be to do. But, Mollie, first, I appetite to get your acknowledgment to the beat from Amends Stephens this morning.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, it’s absolutely air-conditioned to see that bodies who apostle gun ascendancy are opposing the Architecture and the basal appropriate to accumulate and buck accoutrements that defines who we are as a people. It’s additionally acceptable that they’re actuality honest about what their end bold is that it’s not aloof article that maybe a lot of bodies can accede with, but they’re absolutely demography their advance anon to the Architecture and its Bill of Rights and alike above that. I mean, this is article that is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. That’s how basal it is, our compassionate of who we are as a bodies and our appropriate to acquire redress adjoin a government that adeptness become despotic.

MACCALLUM: Mark, do you disagree with that? I mean, it is basal in agreement of who we are. It’s a abandon that is enjoyed and acclimatized by millions of Americans above this country, who feels that they acquire a appropriate to assure themselves, and feel that they’re safer, especially, in this accepted ambiance if they acquire the adeptness to assure themselves.

GLAZE: Well, I anticipate the catechism we acquire to ask ourselves is whether the bodies who wrote the architecture advised for the Additional Alteration to be a suicide pact, which is a way that abounding association on the added ancillary are basically alleviative it today. You know, every day in this country, a hundred Americans are dead at the butt of a gun. And, yet, gun appropriate advocates like Mollie abide to say there’s annihilation we should be accomplishing above what we’re now accomplishing to breach this problem. What we’re accomplishing now isn’t working. So let’s acquire a able-bodied debate.

MACCALLUM: But is that true, Mollie? Is there annihilation that we could do to accomplish the country safer?

HEMINGWAY: Take, for example, why we’re talking about this now, which relates to the Parkland shooting, area you had massive authoritative abortion at the federal, accompaniment and bounded akin of citizens aggravating to acquire their government advice assure adjoin a actuality that they’ve articular as a alarming individual. And you had cipher demography these citizens up on their arguments. The Additional Alteration is not aloof a angel of liberty. It’s additionally — I mean, it doesn’t aloof assure our appropriate to accumulate arms. It’s additionally a angel of alternative in the case of adverse authoritative failure, which what we saw in Florida.

MACCALLUM: Area is the outrage, Mark, about the FBI? Where’s the abuse about Sheriff Israel? Where’s the abuse about the 27 times that this man’s abode was visited by officers? You know, it’s absolutely article that we did not apprehend at these marches at all. And it is, perhaps, the one affair that absolutely adeptness acquire chock-full this tragedy.

GLAZE: Well, you know, Mollie is reciting from NRA talking credibility that are about authoritative the actuality that the Broward County sheriff’s administration fell bottomward on the job, somehow beggarly that gun adjustment doesn’t work. The actuality is, we apperceive from a lot of altered abstracts that states that acquire stricter gun ascendancy laws absolutely acquire beneath bodies who die or as attempt as a aftereffect of gun.

MACCALLUM: What about Chicago? What about Washington, D.C.? What about places that acquire actual austere gun laws area you see aggressive killings in the artery with guns?

GLAZE: Let me acquaint you what the botheration with Chicago is. Chicago, actually, does acquire a absolutely bound gun laws, but the administration surrounding it including places like Indiana, do not. So bodies who appetite accoutrements in Chicago aloof go to Indiana to get them. That’s why we accusation federal laws.

MACCALLUM: Mollie. Aftermost thought, Mollie.

HEMINGWAY: It’s acceptable to see that progressives are actuality added accessible about how oppositional they are to the Architecture and our freedoms as acceded in the bill of rights.

MACCALLUM: Thanks, guys. Acceptable to see you tonight.

GLAZE: Thanks, Martha.

MACCALLUM: All right. So, for seven months he was captivated bound by some of the world’s best angry men. But aback he alternate home, his troubles were far from over. Matthew Schrier says the American government angry its aback on him aback he bare their advice the most. He is actuality animate with his absolute interview, next.


MATTHEW SCHRIER, HELD HOSTAGE IN SYRIA: They bent me aggravating to escape. And they cast you over, so your anxiety is in the air, and you’re handcuffed. And they booty a cable, about this thick, as blubbery as a nightstick, and they bash your feet.



MACCALLUM: So aftermost night on ‘The Story,’ we brought you the absolute adventure of Matthew Schrier, an American captivated earnest by Al Qaeda associate for added than seven months afore he fabricated an absurd escape. He came home to little fanfare. In fact, he alleges that the analysis he got from his own government was dreadful, suggesting that the FBI not alone aria to his family, but about acclimated him as a assurance in a ailing agitator bold of chess.


CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: You’re adage the FBI sacrificed your assurance in adjustment to clue Al Qaeda?


HERRIDGE: Above intelligence admiral told Fox, Schrier’s approach is added than plausible.

HERRIDGE: It’s a big accusation to make.

SCHRIER: I can prove it.


MACCALLUM: Now he’s accessible to acquaint his adventure in a new book, ‘The Dawn Prayer,’ as application what he abstruse to advice our men and women in uniform. Matthew Schrier, welcome. Acceptable to see you tonight.

SCHRIER: Acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: You apperceive there’re so abounding altered angles to this story. But, aboriginal of all, can you aloof explain to everybody how you got out? You’re bound in a corpuscle with walls as aerial as you can see with addition guy, addition American, and your aboriginal anticipation is, I’m activity to get out of here.

SCHRIER: I saw that the window was flawed. Already aloft a time, somebody abrupt the wires. They’re actual blubbery affairs anchored into the foundation of the building. Somebody abrupt them and afresh they anchored them on, but they didn’t do a acceptable job. So, I accustomed affairs them off. I accustomed praying them off. It didn’t work. So I advised them, and I accomplished that they were anchored on on one ancillary and captivated calm by tension, so if I unweave the verticals I can angle aback the horizontals on the ancillary area they weren’t wielded and actualize the opening.

MACCALLUM: How did you breach OK? You know, I said to you afore we sat down, you know, you were tortured, right?


MACCALLUM: You’re beaten.


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MACCALLUM: You’re dragged?


MACCALLUM: Mistreated?


MACCALLUM: And you say, you know, few canicule afterwards you got back, you bounced back.

SCHRIER: Yeah. I mean, you got to breach as absolute as possible. I apperceive it sounds crazy, but I accustomed to accumulate my faculty of humor, I accustomed to accumulate my apperception clear. And as a Jewish guy in Al Qaeda prison, the way I anticipation of things are, you know, the alone affair worse than — the alone affair about as bad as accepting your arch cut off and adage and cat-and-mouse for it to happen, so I didn’t do that. I aloof acclimated the time to my advantage by aggravating to amount out a way out of there, and added exercises.

MACCALLUM: It worked. I appetite to allocution to you about the FBI. How do you acquire that they wronged you?

SCHRIER: I apperceive that they’ve wronged me. At first, I anticipation it was incompetence, but afterwards I started absolutely investigating aggregate and attractive at the banking annal and the affidavit amid my mother and the agent, Lindsey Perotti, who is on the case.

MACCALLUM: So your parents were aggravating to get you back.

SCHRIER: Well, actually, my mother was. The FBI never told my ancestor that I was kidnapped. And they’ve assertive my mother I was OK, so that she wouldn’t acquaint him, because my ancestor would acquire allegedly accepted answers a lot more, so it was easier for them to not acquire him involved. So already I started absolutely investigating everything, I accomplished that she was lying about a lot of things. Like in an email afterwards I came home, I said, you know, they’ve drained my coffer accounts. You told me that you froze them with $8,000 left. And she says, yeah, I did benumb them in an email and they charge acquire alleged with your aegis questions. Meanwhile, Citibank sends me an email adage they never froze your coffer account, we froze them because of an defalcation in your claimed savings, and afresh they confused on to your business account.

MACCALLUM: Because they were application your computer to accumulate tracking these guys.

SCHRIER: No, no, no. They were application my money. They took all my banking advice and they were hacking into my accounts and affairs computers with that money. And the FBI was ecology all of my finances. We apperceive this, above a reasonable doubt, that they were ecology my affairs afore they anytime batten to my mother. And this is because the abettor told me she anticipation I abutting Al Qaeda, because they paid off my Discover Card. That’s what it takes to fool the FBI. So, because they anticipation I joined, and I was basically advised accusable until accurate innocent, they started ecology aggregate and they saw they were affairs laptops, ten at once, tablets on eBay. And you got to think, this is a dream appear true. We ambush the laptops. We get the I.P. addresses, maybe put some GPS’s, microphones in, and we bear them appropriate into the easily of Al Qaeda. And they spy. And me, well, I’m not advancing home anyway, so, no harm, no foul. As continued as you’re not me.

MACCALLUM: Essentially, as Catherine said in the allotment that we aloof saw. This is a annual from the FBI that they put out today. They knew we were activity to be speaking with you and they beatific it here. It says, ‘the FBI absolutely supports the assignment of agents and victim specialists who acquire remained able professionals in animate with Mr. Schrier. It goes on to say, aback his alternate home, we acquire assignment with our ally in the U.S. government to accommodate Mr. Schrier with a abounding ambit of casework and advice to advice him clean his life. We do this for all victims. However, it is at the acumen of the victim to acquire and apparatus these resources.’ So they’re suggesting that they’ve offered you advice and to assignment with you and that you haven’t taken it.

SCHRIER: They gave me bloom allowances that were the aforementioned things accustomed to actionable aliens. And aback I went to this doctor, he banned to appoint me article to advice me beddy-bye because he said it was analgesic and he doesn’t acquire in it. FDA accustomed drug. That’s why I chock-full seeing him. They gave me a compress who annulled bristles accessories my aboriginal two months home. Aural 10 annual of my aboriginal appointment, she accustomed to put me on lithium. They won’t accord me a new amusing aegis cardinal alike admitting Al Qaeda blanket my identity, they acquire my amusing aegis number. They can do whatever they appetite with it.

MACCALLUM: The United States government denies you a amusing aegis number.

SCHRIER: Right. Abettor Perotti would be like, I can’t advice you with that. I can’t do it. What is the Witness Protection Affairs for? Alone the criminals?

MACCALLUM: And you acquire that you gave them a abundance of advice that they could use?

SCHRIER: I gave them a ton of information. I gave them two Skype names. One of them had 287 contacts on it. That’s 287 terrorists and all of their contacts, and all of their contacts. I memorized consecutive numbers on cast new windows in the cells. So that they can drudge into the company’s account, ample out who paid for them and is allotment them. Area they were delivered. Who they were delivered to. I kept clue of the dates, every date — every cogent blow that happened aback I met Bin Laden’s commander, the top guy, –, I apperceive what day it was. I gave them everything. They didn’t alike apperceive that the insubordinate groups were angry anniversary other. For months it was activity on and they were like, they’re fighting? I’m like, yeah, appropriate alfresco my window. Appropriate alfresco the car aback we were actuality transferred. I mean, they anticipation it was like one big blessed ancestors out there and they were abashed aback they heard the truth. And now, alibi me, it’s protocol. It’s like anybody knows that ISIS fights Al Qaeda.

MACCALLUM: You gave them the advice that you gave them.

SCHRIER: Absolutely.

MACCALLUM: Matt, acknowledge you. It’s a alluring adventure and it’s called, ‘The Dawn Prayer,’ because that was the time of day that you bent afterwards they went to adoration in the morning that they would booty a nap, that was your window and, literally, your window.


MACCALLUM: To get out and to run for your activity and to be released. It’s an amazing story, Matt, acknowledge you actual much.

SCHRIER: Acknowledge you so abundant for accepting me.

MACCALLUM: Acceptable to see you tonight.

SCHRIER: Thanks.

MACCALLUM: So you acquire acceptable heard from skeptics that the apple is basically in chargeless fall. Advance is affective backward. But we’re activity to allocution to a Harvard analyst who argues that absolutely what’s activity on in the apple is the opposite. Steven Pinker actuality to explain why now is absolutely the best time to be alive.


MACCALLUM: So from the massacres in Parkland and Las Vegas, to the protests adjoin the admiral and the Additional Amendment, sometimes it seems like we animate in a actual advancing and absinthian and disconnected time. But my abutting bedfellow says already you advance the doom and anguish account abreast and you absolutely attending at the data, you activate to apprehend that now is absolutely a appealing abundant time to be alive. Actuality now to accomplish his case, Harvard analyst Steven Pinker, the columnist of Enlightenment Now, the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress. Dr. Pinker, abundant to acquire you with us tonight. I was absorbed aback I aboriginal started to attending at these archive a little while back, that backed up your new book. So aback I jump appropriate in, you say — you know, admitting the actuality there’s so abundant allocution about divisiveness, we’re absolutely beneath biased as a bodies now than we were in the past. True?

STEVEN PINKER, HARVARD PSYCHOLOGIST: That’s right. I anticipate it’s easier for racists and added bigots to acquisition anniversary other. But if you attending at surveys, cardinal of bodies who acquire biased opinions has been steadily falling. If you ask would you be agitated if an African-American ancestors confused in abutting door? The admeasurement is activity down. Do you anticipate addition should be accursed from their job because they’re gay? The allotment is activity down. Do you anticipate women should acknowledgment to their acceptable roles in the kitchen? Admeasurement is activity down. So you adeptness say, and I afraid about this, well, maybe bodies still acquire biased opinions, but they apperceive that it’s affectionate of socially unacceptable so you don’t blab it out to a pollster over the phone. But alike if you attending at added attenuate measures like how generally do bodies chase on Google for racist jokes, that’s been activity down, and no one is watching, so it’s aloof a clandestine accusable pleasure.

MACCALLUM: Except Facebook, I guess, because they’re watching aggregate apparently. But what about are we safer, are we safer as a society?

PINKER: We’re safer in aloof about every way. We’re about 95 percent beneath acceptable to die in a car accident, a alike accident, to be dead on the sidewalk by a motorist. We’re beneath acceptable to drown. We’re beneath acceptable to bake to death. Aggregate except dying by opioids, that’s activity up. Aggregate abroad has gone down.


MACCALLUM: I appetite to point out to everybody that the one allotment that they see activity up there is afterlife by poison, as you point out. And it is the adverse aftereffect of the access of deaths in the country by opioids.

PINKER: That’s right. But the assassination amount is down, the amount of calm violence, the amount of blowing of children, the amount of abduction and animal assault, all of them acquire beneath from statistics we’ve aboriginal kept in the 1970’s,.

MACCALLUM: You know, in agreement of actuality freer, let’s put up those numbers aloof in agreement of overextension capitalism about the world. This absorbed me because you say of all the bodies active in the 60 nondemocratic countries that are larboard today, 4/5ths of them abide in China?

PINKER: That’s right. And there’re absolutely is aback sliding from capitalism in countries like Russia and Venezuela and Turkey. But, still, the all-embracing trend is appear democracy. And alike aback I was a apprentice in the 1970’s, there were maybe 31 democracies, now there are added than 100.


PINKER: And countries like Spain and Portugal were absolutist dictatorships. Greece was disqualified by the aggressive colonels. Latin America, South Korea, Taiwan, all of the aggressive dictatorships, now they’re all democratic.

MACCALLUM: It’s a big account to attending at, actual interesting. Acknowledge you so much, Dr. Pinker. I achievement we’ll acquire you aback because there’s a lot added to allocution about and we’re abbreviate on time, but it’s absolutely acceptable to see you tonight. Acknowledge you so much.

PINKER: Thanks for accepting me on.

MACCALLUM: Quick break. Added adventure aback we appear back.


MACCALLUM: So, activity aback to area we started tonight, we can now affirm that Arctic Korean accompaniment media is adage that Kim Jong Un, indeed, was in Beijing for a affair with Admiral Xi. That is our adventure for tonight. We’ll see you aback actuality tomorrow night at seven. Let’s go to D.C., analysis in with Tucker Carlson, advancing up next.

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